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Class | Efficiency | Eloquence


Ronbel Social Services (Pty) Ltd was established to design, develop, provide and administer various services, to an array of clients in various professions.
Each service is tailored to the needs and specifications of the client, with the promise of an efficient, meaningful experience that ends in top-class results.

About us

Scope of work

We offer our clients a range of services, supplied by ourselves and products/services we administer.
All of our services are independent of each other, but clients do have the option of requesting more than one at a time; Editorial Services, Employee Risk Assessments and Howler Monkey.


Our vision is not based on a yearly figure or quarterly ratios, but the everyday evaluation of how many lives we positively affect, brands we help build and voices we assist in getting heard.
We strive to better our South African society by assisting local business men and women be more efficient and confident, thus contributing to the growth of our country and strengthening its global presence.


Ronbel Social Services (Pty) Ltd. is based on bringing about positive change, through class, efficiency and eloquence.
Our efficient mentality encompasses the basis of all our endeavours, inspiring all within the company to provide not only a valuable service, but an impactful one. Through dedication, teamwork and honesty, we aim to provide real, meaningful, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to everyday challenges.


Honesty | Efficiency  | Team Work | Passion | Positivity

We place extreme emphasis on building not only our company, but its relationships.
We aim to achieve positive results through a few simple yet integral characteristics, which we think will not only maintain and grow our company successfully, but allow all our shareholders and stakeholders to believe, feel, and truly become one with our brand and what we stand for.



All service agreements and contracts necessary for the efficient and sustainable running of any projects are negotiated and administered at the Port Elizabeth Branch, whereby individual requests are analysed and calculated per baseline costs per project.






Editorial Services

We offer multiple editorial services, both written and verbal. All services are subject to approval before confirmation of order, and where necessary, non-disclosure agreements will be signed to ensure confidentiality on behalf of the client.




Book Editing


Press Release Drafts


Document Proofing (subject to genre)




Online & Print Media


Success & Happiness

The author, Rob Immelman, aims to share some of the lessons he has learnt in life; a reference and practical guide to some minor and some significant principles, as well as simple exercises that can and will make the reader smarter about life. Read the book until the end, and then read it again. Apply the principles and exercises each day and in each event, get smarter about life, and most important of all; be happier.



Employee Risk Assessments

Coming Soon!

Howler Monkey

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Ronbel Social Services (Pty) Ltd
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